This organization, although currently working specifically on our LifeStraw project, is dedicated overall to promoting water conservation and to providing water to those who need it around the world. It was formed in 2008 by a group of students at Gabrielino High School in Los Angeles County, California, aided and abetted by advisor Michael Winters. In the spirit of the Green Dream Festival, the students decided to bring together environmental and social solutions and, in short, help save the environment and people's lives at the same time.

Throughout the years, members of this group have worked on various alternative energy projects, such as biodiesel fuel, solar and hydrogen power and participating in Metropolitan Water District’s Solar Boat program and other environmental outreach activities. We're now registered as the Roots and Shoots group “Green Dream,” and became part of the Jane Goodall Institute. Since our formation, the LifeStraw Challenge has grown and spread to schools throughout Southern California. We hope to see it keep growing!


Email the team at watersolutionsforlife@gmail.com, or contact our project advisor:

Michael Winters
(626) 319-6776

Thanks to all our volunteers and supporters, without whom none of this is possible.